Will this System work?
Hi here on behalf of a friend Tongue2

Well anyways he's recently been trying to emulate Kingdom Hearts 2, but for some reason it does not seem to run that well (30-60fps).

The thing is I checked through his specs and they looked pretty good to run something like KH2, a game I've been even able to get running smoothly on a less powerful laptop.

Here are the specs:

Intel Core2Duo @ 3.00GHz 2.99 GHz
ATI Radeon X1100 256MB GPU
Windows Vista Home Basic

Hopefully someone can help Smile

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KH2 is a fair bit heavier on gfx cards than 1 was (seemingly there are higher resolution game data) so keep GSDX at native.

Home Basic isn't helping him either.
So are you saying that KH2 relies on the GPU more than the CPU?
Not really exactly like that. That means if you have a bad cpu and a top video card you would still get crappy fps. The cpu is responsible for every game's emulation, then when it comes to the graphics quality it's mostly the video card's job. If you have an old video card keep the internal resolution to native.
Ahh. I see Tongue2 Thanks for clearing it up Tongue2 But the 3.00 GHz CPU is pretty good yeah?
3Ghz core 2 should have this game playable, though fmv's might be an issue at more than native res

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