Will this work well?
Hi im sorry if i posted on the wrong room, this is my first post, im just wondering if my computer can support this, can anyone check it for me. im not that litirate when it comes to PC specifications,

3ghz pentium D processor
256Mb 128bit Gforce 5500
1gig ram
80gig HD
Uuhhmm what else should i put here?

Will my computer work well with PCSX2? i only want to play FF12. thank you in advance.

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your computer too weak looks roughly 4~5 yrs. and obselete
better to have a new one.

and nope,FF12 will not run well due to very rich 3d graphic enviorment......maybe possible 2D games like disgaea can run your old computer.
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Your processor is too weak. A 2.4GHz Core2Duo is considered the bare minimum for PCSX2, sorry.
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also even if it doesn't matter as much as the CPU you graphic card is too old too...
it doesn't fully support Direct X 9
and also is too slow a 6600 would be a minimum i think
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Thank you can anyone give me an idea what i should put in if i would asemble a new PC?
upgrade that 5500 and you should be ok it's faster than mine and ff12 is decient in my opinion
(02-22-2009, 12:51 AM)poulo Wrote: Thank you can anyone give me an idea what i should put in if i would asemble a new PC?

E8400 processor, 9800GT for graphics, 2GB DDR2 or more for RAM
good performance at a relatively low price, there are better components obviously but it all depends on how much you are willing to spend
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