Win7 64-bit Ultimate -> 0.9.6 perm crash
gnaaa!!! you can ignore my request Sad
after 5 hours of settings and testing i found the solution... compatibily mode -> VISTA

maaan that sucks when it's so easy but so far away ><


i've installed the latest PCSX2 for Windows on my Win7 Ultimate (64-bit). There is only one game I could test the emulator (Valkyrie Profile 2 Silmeria) so please don't ask to test other games. My main-problem is that every time i click on "run -> CD/DVD" the window for the game appear and after the first two frames the program chrashes. I've configured the whole emulator with the official guide. Also I've tested PAL + NTSC BIOS (Europe + USA) even though the game is PAL. (I've got only the ISO from the game). I also checked the required gamefix option for VP2.

My Hardware:
AMD Phenom X4 920 (@4x 2,8GHz)
8 gb DDR2 RAM (@820mhz)
ATI HD 4770 PCI-e (@512 GDDR5 RAM)

In the processor-info of PCSX2 proccessor-config. it's saying "MMX, SSE2, SSE3" but if use SSE3 of GSdx the message "no cpu support for SSE3" appears.

Hope you could help me Smile

Here a screenshot of my config window:
[Image: 4254,pcsx2OO7R2.jpg]

PS: I'm from germany, so excuse my bad english. answers could be made in german if its easier for the replyer Smile

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It is much better to use the latest beta instead.

Also about the SSE3 problem, PCSX2 uses SSSE3 instead.
try with the original DVD + gigaherz CD/DVD plugin.
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