Winback Covert Operations
Sorry I'm new to this community but i've seen only one person complain about this game on a different forum. This game suffers from a sever problem where every polygon is triangulated and is missing half of its textures because of this. I am a college student from Riverside community college and know a thing or 2 about 3d software and can say that this seems like a issue with the normals of the polygons or UV maps. I'm no programmer so can't say for sure if that is what the problem is, but from my experience that is what seems to be the issue.

If this doesn't count as a bug that should be posted in this section pls let me know, i have no intention of causing trouble and don't want to be banned for making an honest mistake.

also, sry for not posting a picture of the game but print screen never works on my computer, sorryRolleyes

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not a valid bug report.
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