Window size is Grayed out...
Hello, I am coming from Pcsx2 1.5, and in that old version there is an window size option that allows you to input the Height and width of the window size you want. But I cannot enter in the 1.7 nightly. I found "render to another window", but I cannot control the size of this window. Can someone help me? Thank you much!

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If you are talking about the new interface(the qt version)make sure the option in the settings=>Interface=> "Disable Window Resizing" is not enabled and then manually resize the window
Yes, I see that in the old interface that this option is called "custom window size". This option is not available in the new interface?
One more question regarding the new interface, How do I access the HW hack menu. Thank you much!
Graphics=>Rendering=>Manual Hardware Renderer Fixes

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