Window size/resolution
I know this is a rather general question, and might be able to be answered, but;

How can I make the PCSX2 game window bigger without making the resolution of the game look like crap? I use 1920/1080p for my screen resolution, and if I want clarity, the game window has to be pretty small. Any fixes? maybe some sort of a software upscaler or something? or possibly just a setting in PCSX2 that I'm looking over?

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Set D3D internal resolution to 1920x1080, or set scaling to x3/x4.
Might cause ghosting in some games and minor artifacts in others.
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But it will make it look better in general I'm assuming?

How might one go about doing this?
config - video - plugin settings
thank you very much; both of you.

When I get home I'll try this out. (:
i have my desktop res at 1680x1050, and the internal res set at 1280x800, and it looks fairly good.
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