Windows 10 Buzz Buzzers!

Is Buzz Buzzers currently supported? I saw some old posts of users saying it wasn't working properly, any chance someone have a look at this?
I'll have my emulation machine next week and I was planning on using my Buzzers for family fun!

Thanks for your hard work!

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Yes they are. Just make sure you download the latest git build here Smile
(01-10-2017, 08:36 PM)CK1 Wrote: Yes they are. Just make sure you download the latest git build here Smile
That won't help. Tongue2

You need this plugin:
(01-10-2017, 09:27 PM)FlatOut Wrote: That won't help. Tongue2

You need this plugin:

As per latest comments it doesn't look to work properly, but I'm gonna test it this week and report, thanks CK1 and FlatOut.
...and it doesn't work!

This is what I get when I connect the Buzzers to Windows 10 64bit. PCSX2 also doesn't show any device.. the buzzers are not detected.
I've tried using the mentioned plugin but it doesn't work, pcsx2 fails to load it.

Any help?

[Image: YNRTpve.png]
Hey, so...I just started with those buzzers and had the exact problem in win 10 x64. I didn't have anything in fields "port 1" and "port 2" so I thought it doesn't work. Buzzers would lit up from time to time as I tried it with several plugin mods I found here. I didn't even try to run the game Smile But thankfully, my friend stopped me from killing myself with this and said "why don't you just open the game". So I did and they were working even though the port 1 and 2 were empty.

I now have another problem which is not so terrible, but from time to time buzzers have a mind of their own and press random buttons. In game, that usually pauses the game but it also presses the answer buttons sometimes. Now I'm searching to solve that problem.

edit: after some's a big problem. now the buzzers are pressing all the time randomly.
This one worked for me
Yup, also found that this one does the trick. It wasn't my case, I tried starting the game hehe Smile

Thanks for your input!
Hello guys!! Can you please help me??!!! I want to use pcsx2 to play buzz junior dino den or other buzz junior games with my wireless buzzers from a ps3. is it possible?? I tried many things i read in internet but i cant make it happen. Could you please tell me if it is possible and what steps should i take. Please help.. I really want to make it happen Sad( I am on windows 10 and i have wireless buzzers from my ps3.

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