Windows 10 Issue
I got the windows 10 upgrade, but now all my pcx2 emulators crash when starting a game.  It says that the gsdx version have some error.  All I see is a bunch of "Some kind of plugin failure"  for all of them.

I have tried getting the plugins, tried others, all the same thing.   The games will run if I choose the ZEROGs plugins instead, but the those dont work with the game I want to play like rotk8.  The game runs, but the graphic glitches are there and makes it unplayable for me.

Whats the issue with windows 10 and the gsdx?  I need those to play rotk8 without issues.

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You probably need to install the dx redist package. Im on mobile and can not link to it now. Just have a look for directx updates. The kinda plugin failure messages are not related.
Sounds like you didn't install everything you had before as mentioned above, I am on Windows 10 pro (with everything installed Java, Drivers, updates, etc) and I have no issues at all.
I think this is the one you want
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