Windows 10 ~ PCSX2 GSDX ~ Sweetfx
Not sure exactly where to post this. I hope this is the right forum. I was hoping to post either a warning for other users or possibly catch the attention of someone who knows how to fix it.

Windows 10/DirectX 12 seems to not allow PCSX2 to boot up with sweetfx injection (2.0 with reshade). It used to work on windows 7/8/DX11. So if you like to use it, do not upgrade to windows 10 or you will lose the ability to use sweetfx in pcsx2(not sure what the reason for it, but assume its related to Directx 12's "support" of 10/11. (Sweetfx will work on other things though, which tells me it supports sweetfx calls. its just something to do with pcsx2 and it that are not working for 12)

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After some experimenting, I found that Radeon Pro will still work to inject sweetfx into pcsx2 with windows 10/dx12. However, it crashes the emulator when you push the escape button to pause the emulator.
That's probably an issue of the current unstable release and needs to be fixed. Highly probable not related to win10 at all.
its on 1.2.1, the current stable public build. I tried with the git release, but that still had the same issue. Radeon Pro seems to work its magic though. Infact, i got a bit more experimental and turned on HBAO, SMAA, and DOF and OMG.

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