Windows 10 S support?
Windows 10 S only support Windows store apps so I have a question about the PCSX2 support for a Windows store version of the emulator for this OS.
Will it be possible?

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what would be the pros and cons ?
(Mostly the pros)
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The avdantages can be to have a more larger % of users, an automatic update system, a more user-friendly download method and GUI, a clear system requirement section and a better support for x86 tablets (touch control).

The disavantage is the need for a bios, most of non-experimented people don't know how to dump a bios file.

All of this are just assumptions about the potiential capacity of a Windows store integration.
Windows Store doesn't allow emulators of any kind.
Realy? This is strange that Windows store locked them when google play alow them, maybe in a near future, it would be nice to see this feature come back for Windows 10 S.
unless the developers has the "check for updates" thing...coretemp is one of the examples of check for updates.
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solution: remove Windows 10 S and install a real Windows 10 build.

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