Windows 10 restart necessary or lag
Hello i'm experiencing some strange problem on PCSX2 1.4.0. This happen on Windows 10, simply i need to restart the Windows all the time to run on full speed otherwise the game lag. I believe this doesn't have relation with the hardware of my computer but some particular behavior of the Windows 10. Does someone knows how to solve this problem? It runs 60fps for the first time i run, then i turn off the PC. When i turn on the computer on the other day i play PCSX2 and game lag (30-40fps). A reboot must be necessary and game return to run on 60fps. In Windows 7 this never happened. It's possible that PCSX2 is saving something on memory because this new Windows systems doesn't do a complete shutdown they do some kind of hibernate. I use Kaspersky Internet Security, i can't believe it's doing some kind of trouble however antivirus generally create problems. The general problem repeat all the time, in the same way;

Games that i tested: Gran Turismo 3-4, Burnout 3, Yu-Gi-Oh Duelist of Roses.
Hardware: Core i7 6700 (no overclock), GA Z170M, 8GB DDR4, GTX 960

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PCSX2 doesn't save anything no, there is likely to be another process which is hogging your CPU or causing some sort of freakyness with your graphics driver which is slowing things down.

it's best to check your cpu usage in task manager and what is hogging it when it is running slow.
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Or maybe win10 is trying to download/install updates during that time.
Try turning off your internet and restart the pc and see if it has any effect.
I just uninstall my AV and did a clean on system reinstall. I solved my problem on Google Drive but nothing of PCSX2. Also uninstall the Nvidia driver with the help Display Driver Uninstaller available on Guru3d site, i clean another time the pc and downloaded the driver. Tested and same thing.

So i will try to test if it's the updates.

Check on task manager will be a enduro challenge cause i don't have experience on this type of checking. Just task manager on Windows?

Does someone used Kaspersky and saw AV blocking PCSX2 to use CPU/gpu, OR reducing CPU/gpu resource ? Could be trash on memory from the last use of the emulator as i explained above?

that's my last question if not work i will need to reinstall windows. Thank you guys.

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