Windows 10 with GSdx (DirectX) - Game Boost
I'm had unexpected performance improvement with PCSX2 when using Windows 10.

For Example: Game GT4 with 3 x Native Resolution

Windows 8/8.1: Slow down and Moderate GSdx overhead issue.

Windows 10: Butterly smooth, no audio skip and much less GSdx overhead/stress

Hope it help if you looking for extra boost on your current hardware.

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This is because of DX12, no doubt.

[Image: full.png]

Source of images

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We don't use DirectX 12.
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(07-30-2015, 03:08 PM)refraction Wrote: We don't use DirectX 12.

Then I don't get where the boost comes from? Could you elaborate, if you'd like?
I think DX12 will affect DX11 aplications like pcsx2 and games.
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(07-30-2015, 03:12 PM)SkyStruck Wrote: Then I don't get where the boost comes from? Could you elaborate, if you'd like?

probably because his older OS was rigged with all kinds of spyware, bloatware and stuffs so he might have had a significant speed up because of a clean install. (might be wrong )

though in any case, D3D12 isn't supported yet.
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DirectX 12 only effects games/programs which run DirectX 12. It's more likely there have been improvements to core scheduling or something which have bought the speed boosts, or something in the previous OS installation was hindering performance.

as far as I know windows 8 and 10 performance should be near enough identical with a small margin of error.
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FWIW, I installed win10 on a z3740 Baytrail Atom system with 2G ram (2( ! ) W TDP), and with Intel drivers from two weeks ago, dxDiag reports DX11.2.

Surprisingly, Rez runs at full speed, and Ico mostly runs full speed on this system (with some speedhack but no noticeable negative effects). Both Isos are gzipped FWIW. Just some cool fact Tongue2

Unfortunately, I never tried running PCSX2 when this system had win8.1 because I never imagined it would be anything near useful. Maybe I should have done that to get some comparison numbers, but too late now... FWTW, it's an Asus T100 tablet/hybrid.
I have noticed a overall slowdown with mine and some minor graphic glitches I didn't have before. Most likely just the driver still working itself out. All in all everything is working fine. I had plenty of overhead anyway so 350 fps compared to 399 isn't that big of a "unlock framerate" problem. I am happy so far with the OS update.
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