Windows 7 7600 DirectX Problem
I installed PCSX2, tried to update my DirectX.
I set compatability mode for Windows XP in the installer.
I hit NEXT, and it says the components are ready to be used.
Go to run PCSX2, it crashes.
Any ideas?

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Did you set compatibility to XP for pcsx2.exe 0.9.6?

edit: oh I see what you meant, my bad
XP mode isn't needed for me on Win7, I don't see how it would help.
Well, the DirectX installer didn't actually install anything, it just skipped to the end.
I tried also manually inserting the directx dlls, and that simply made it crash.
Try finding the DirectX end-user runtimes march 2009 (google is your friend) and install that one, sometimes the web installer doesnt do things right (I dont see why you run it with XP compatibility/emulator anyway).
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I did use the redistributable.
u dont need to set it to xp compatibility. just install it
No, something changed in 7600.
It still asks me to update my DirectX, I download the redistributable and it says it's completed, but doesn't actually do anything.
When I try to add them manually, pcsx2 crashes when starting up a game.

EDIT: Did the web installer, and it apparently works now, odd.
What made you think you needed to run it with XP compatibility anyway? Tongue
Core i5 3570k -- Geforce GTX 670  --  Windows 7 x64

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