Windows 7 glitch?
Unssure of the cause, as it seems to still run fine, but windows appears to no longer properly display the icon for my pcsx2 executable, or shortcuts to it. When running there's no icon on the taskbar, just a blank 'file' icon, ditto for the blank file icon on the executable in it's installed folder, and shortcut on my desktop.

Any idea how to fix this? Hitting change icon on the shortcut, and navigating to the pcsx2.exe shows the pcsx2 icon appropriately as a choice, but after selecting and hitting okay, the shortcut and program both continue to display a blank 'file' icon.


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The whole restarting computer isn't necessary. Just restart explorer.exe via task manager after deleting the iconcache.db file.
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Not always...I have some programs that loose the tray icon if I restart the explorer.
Restart isn't necessary but log off=>log in is not a bad idea(unless you know what to process to restart to fix the problem)

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