Windows 7 reimage and now PCSX2 problem.
Again, I am a newb to the emu world so go easy on me.

Anyways, I had just got my PCSX2 emu working when my trial version of Windows 7 RC was up, so I had to install the actual version of windows 7 on my machine. I now have a legit copy of the OS, but the executable file for the PCSX2 is still a blank paged icon and the comp doesn't recognize the file type. What program do I need to help the comp know what file type the PCSX2 executable file is?

Current program listing.

Visual Studio 2008
CS4 suite
Flash player
Direct X
Alcohol 120%

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nothing... it comes as an exe

re-download latest beta and plugins pack from the offical site and do a fresh install
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Thanks jesalvein I guess I just had to reinstall it a second time for it to show up.

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