Windows 7 trouble
I have a buddy who is having trouble getting the emulator to work something about directx11, anyone know what i'm talking about and how to fix?

I've looked all over on google and youtube for windows 7 guides on getting the emulater to work, yet after my buddy follows instruction from the guide aswell me (whos gotten it to work, so i know how to work it) online as we use our headsets , he's sent me images of his setup and everything looks alright yet he gets errors.

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He has a GPU compatible with DX11? He has the lastest DX11 version installed?
I use win7 and I don't have any problem to run the emulator, and I never had it.
What version of the emulator?
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the problem may come from gsdx dx11 plugin. It's still buggy.
try using dx10 instead.
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Check if DirectX is up to date.
awesome my buddy just informed me this morning that he got it working, after he had turned his windows update "ON" so his directx11 would update to latest setting, so those of you having this trouble check your windows update

and thanks for everyone giving feedback, nice to know we live in a helpful world

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