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Windows Defender alert on a dev build
Hi everyone. I hope that you're all feeling good.

Well, Yesterday, I discovered a dev build of the emulator. Which was just awesome by the way... and today, I had an alert from Windows Defender.

This alert appeared few minutes after the boot of Windows.

It is very strange because I made some research about this type of ransomware which is called "Gandcrap" and as I saw this is a brand new ransomware...

A friend suggested me that this alert could be not relevant and true. A false-positive.

Thanks for the help ! Have a nice day.

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I only run Windows Defender on my PC, but PCSX2 has never triggered a quarantine or anything.

I would run Malwarebytes on your PC before you add an exception for PCSX2
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Hello. Thanks for your reply.

Well, even if I download again this dev build (number 2284)
Windows Defender is still detecing the PCSX2.exe file as a ransomware.
But, If Malwarebytes says that this file was fully safe !
Hmm, that's weird. Anyways, I submitted the exe to Microsoft so hopefully Defender won't flag it as ransomware once that's done. I would still do a full scan of your PC with MalwareBytes or SuperAntiSpyware.
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That's weird,only 2284 is recognized as ransomware.
2283 and 2285 are fine
Bit Defender is happy with 2284
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you could figure out which byte sequence it is and compare it with the build? i mean.. that's howto solve that.
MS has cleared the exe. Hopefully it won't give you any problems in the future once it gets submitted to the definitions database. Smile
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Well, thank you very much, CK1.

Yes, it was very strange because this problem / type of alert was here only for the 2284 build.

And yes. That's a good idea, dabore. I'm going to investigate on the byte sequence.
Because, just like you, I think that there was a problem because of a funny and similar byte sequence
between the .exe file of the 2284 build and this ransomware.

Anyway. Thank you to everyone for your help and your advices ! Have a nice day.

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