Windows XP support v2
I started a new thread, because this thread has been abandoned over 8 months ago, and it contained outdated information.

For us faithful Windows XP -users, it is important to know that PCSX2 has begun to cease Windows XP support.

For the newcomers and old veterans who are using Windows XP, the safest option is to use the latest stable version 1.4.0 with SPU2-X for Windows XP - 2.0.0. (Current links, as of December 2017, provided.)


For those users who want to experiment and try developmental builds (with no support), should take notes from below:

Here are the milestones that imply the cease of Windows XP support:
v1.5.0-dev-2234-g7a71b6f3d     C. K.     2017-11-29 18:49:16     Download     Flag XP as an unsupported OS.
v1.5.0-dev-2095-g732dc881e     C. K.     2016-12-29 21:20:52     No build     Block installation on XP/fix an uninstaller regression and add ManifestDPIAware to the installer. Remove NSIS dirs from .gitignore. Typo Wink Remove XPStyle parameter. It isn't needed anymore Updated copyright, added ManifestDPIAware for rich folks, removed IDOK true and Cheats folder from $INSTDIR as Turtleli suggested, formatting adjustments. Gitignore: remove now unused NSIS directories Fixed a nasty regression I introduced after a registry pointer was assumed to be incorrect. It contained UserMode data generated by the First Time Wizard. This was causing conflicts and the FTW to fail randomly when running PCSX2 after a reinstall due to old configuration data being read. I added clarifcation below the original comment to reduce confusion in the future.

Source #1

v1.5.0-dev-835-g5ea80b8     J. L.     2016-02-26 04:57:53     No build     spu2-x:windows: Remove VersionHelpers workaround We've moved to the non-XP toolkit - it can be removed.

Source #2


According to my testing sessions, the last build that supports Windows XP is:

It can be downloaded here. (You must highlight the link manually by mouse and open it in a way that your browser functions.)


Let's keep this thread for Windows XP -users, but let's remember that:

1. We can't give each other any technical help for using developmental builds. (So we must use them with own risk.)
2. Let's inform each other if we find other builds that support Windows XP.
3. If this thread is abandoned for over eight months, someone have to start a new thread.

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I'm sure the 2 people out there using this emulator on Windows XP will find this useful & make sure to keep this thread alive! Laugh
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As of right now, even the most recent developer builds can be used on XP. The only problem is that we'll just tell you to upgrade your OS. Smile
(12-28-2017, 11:52 PM)CK1 Wrote: As of right now, even the most recent developer builds can be used on XP. The only problem is that we'll just tell you to upgrade your OS. Smile

? The user is saying that v1.5.0-dev-460 is the last version that works, which makes sense since v1.5.0-dev-463 onwards uses the non-xp compatible toolkit.

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