Windows XP vs Vista vs Windows 7
Hi all


e6600 c2d 2.4ghz (stock)
8800 GTS 320mb (stock)
2 gb Kingston ram

I've been searching around the forum to see if there is a large difference between vista and Windows 7 for pcsx2 emulation.'

I know that if you choose vista/Windows 7 you can use hardware DX10 for emulation, which is said to increase performance.

Based on my specs above, would upgrading to vista or windows 7 be worthwhile? If yes, which one is better supported or performs better (Vista vs Windows 7)?

Thank you

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It's been confirmed that PCSX2 performs similar on all versions of Windows either 32 or 64 bit. You won't see any difference for all the trouble you go through, and DirectX10 can actually be slower sometimes...

It would be most worthwhile for you to overclock, considering Core 2 Duos run 30-50% cooler than Pentium 4, although since we don't know your temps it's only safe for you to do so if your not hitting above 60-65 celsius on full load especially if you don't overvolt [don't do that without superior cooling from stock... say chilled water cooling, for example] (full load is 100% or maxed CPU usage on both cores)

Even if you make just a 50-100 mhz difference, it will be more substantial than changing the version of Windows you have.

I just use Windows XP, saves me 7 gigs of space on my hard drive and I never have any problems with it. I've used Vista and Windows 7, I've also tried 64 bit versions of both. They didn't show enough improvement for me to keep using them.
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Vista and Win 7 should be about the same in terms of PCSX2 speed but Win 7 is by far the better operating system for a variety of reasons.

It is really game dependent, some games give almost double the speed using DX10 compared to DX9, others don't benefit at all but in general it is faster. DX10 mode also fixes many bugs that haunt the DX9 mode so yeah in general it's better
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Two conflicting opinions Smile

Guess I'll have to reinstall Windows 7 and double check Laugh
windows 7 is a far more superior operative system than xp and of course vista,these two (xp and vista) are very old nowadays,But again it depends on wich kind of pc do you have too,if you have a very low end then stick with xp but if you have a mid to high end range then you should stick with windos 7
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7, any core 2 duo processor is capable of running it flawlessly given enough ram, possibility of using DX10 and 9 gives you an edge in emulator and 7 in general is a better OS.

Vista needs heavy tweaking for it to run acceptably.

XP is old and no DX10 support which is a downside if we're talking about emulation.

Personally I've used all the above OS and found 7 to be superior, for all my needs.
Well, seven is a hard to crash OS comparing to any former versions, and normally recovers best if it happens anyway, all in all it's the way to go.

And, people, the 32 era is gone for good, XP was/is a very decent OS that devolved some my respect for MS, let it rest in deserved peace. Vista was a poor transition OS in almost same fashion ME in it's time (albeit no one managed to take the crown from that nonblessed Millenium Edtion yet as the worst OS ever made). naming XP64 should be tabu.

PS: Hopping to be clearer, I never actually contemplated seriously changing the XP for Vista. I installed the RC2 and it let clear to have too many bugs to be feasible for launching when it was, with the SPs it became a bit better but still far from what it could and became the seven.

And win7 yes, it was refined enough to substitute XP and not leaving regrets.
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well about DX when i tryed red ninja: end of honor with dx9 it was really low fps and with dx10 it just boosted everything about OS so Win7 is good, not taking much resources and everything is fast now
Windows 7 runs just as well on a Pentium 4 (the HT variety especially) as it does on XP if not better.

I'm keeping XP for the sheer simplicity and because I don't have a lot of hard drive space at the moment, only about 110 GB combined. Maybe if I have to reformat again the next time around I'll install Windows 7 again.

What I loved about Windows 7 is that the entire OS supported multithreading.

DX10 can nearly double your framerate in PCSX2, but I didn't find any improvements from DirectX11 unfortunately, I don't have a card that natively supports it but you get the point.
CPU: Pentium D 'Presler' 915 2.8 ghz 2x2MB L2 @ 3.5 ghz
GPU: eVGA [Nvidia] 8600GT 256MB SSC DDR3
Tested: FFX, FFX-2, FFXII, MGS3, KH, KH2, The Hobbit NTSC
PCSX2 FTW! Biggrin
The only thing about W7 that annoys me is, that it runs in 'retard-mode' if freshly installed. For every ***** action there is an assistant that does not help at all. Deactivating those is often a pain in the butt. Also good luck if your driver is not WHQL certified...
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