Windows7 - Taskbar and Aero

- I'm using PCSX2 r1888 and Windows 7. The emulation is incredible fast, but I would prefer Aero to be turned off and my taskbar to be hidden. I don't know how to switch into "real" fullscreen.

My specs:

GSDx 1873 SSE41
1650x1050 @ 60Hz
DX 11 Hardware

9600 GT
E8500 @ 3,17 GHz
PCSX2 r1888 and Windows 7

Thank you very much for your time and for
this incredible piece of software.

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Alt + Enter = Fullscreen for Vista and 7.
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thank you
I'm curious, does the emulator performance increase or decrease when switched to full screen mode?
AMD Phenom II 965BE @ 3.4Ghz
8 GB DDR3 1333 RAM
AMD Radeon HD 6750
Windows 7 64 bit
Should be the same. Maybe because of aero getting disabled it might benefit marginally.
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Finally i upgraded to Windows Seven today^^. Just want to say, aero effect doesn`t impact pcsx2 speed at allHuh
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It depends on the scene.
If there's a gpu hog running, then having aero on will lower fps by 30%.
Edit: Of course only in windowed mode, it's idle when you switch to fullscreen.
i have a gigabyte 785 with an amd 4200 igp and i only look a change when i take off 2gb of ram...

ps i have in rma my gpu so thats why im using the igp ;_;

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