Wipeout Pulse
Hi Smile

First time I try PCSX2 on Linux since a long time ago when it was very new and still didn't work much. Congrats on coming so far.

I try Wipeout Pulse but the game hangs on the PlayStation2 startup screen. The animation has various artifacts. I must have some common configuration error- there's no errors in the terminal.

I disabled sound, haven't touched any settings in ZeoGS.

thank you

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Probably you don't read configuration FAQ.
you mean http://forums.pcsx2.net/thread-2298.html (Official English guide)?

I read it but didn't see anything of relevant interest.

I have a bios and it boots the PlayStation2 bios screen.
i dont see any info on the special settings. any suggestions? thanks.
No idea whats wrong, but don't disable sound (emulation). You can turn the volume down or whatever, but don't use a null plugin for sound.
Most usual cause of BIOS play -- CDVD plugin issue. Incorrectly configured, unsupported format or maybe CDVDnull plugin.

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