Wipeout Pulse - works great, shadows

I just tried Wipeout Pulse on beta 1888, and it works fabulously good.
On my e8200 clocked @3GHz and 9600GT the game works at full speed all the time, with virtually no problems and glitches. I even tried bumping native resolution to 1280x720 and enabling 16:9 screen ratio, and it still worked flawlessly. Hard to believe really.

Anyway, one single glitch is left - shadows are solid black, and they behave somewhat strangely. Here are the pics:

Normal drive:
[Image: wp2h.th.jpg]

[Image: wp1r.th.jpg]

Any idea of a setting impacting this?

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First of all, don't use 1888. It's experimental and miss a few feaultes. Use 1736. And try GSDX prior 1400.
It runs and looks great, apart from the shadows, but I haven't found a gsdx that fixes them. It only really runs full speed if you stick to native res, if you go above native then there are a few slowdowns, but nothing like Wipeout Fusion's slowdowns.
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Wipeout Pulse works nice (apart from that ugly shadow bug).
I have my internal res at 2048x1792 and experienced no slowdowns, it all depends on the CPU and GPU.

Wipeout Fusion on the other hand has ugly slowdowns even at native res.

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