Wireless Keyboard Delay
Sorry if this issue has been resolved already, I didn't find any thread on that subject.

I am running Disgaea with (only small glitches for now) but I have a lot of delay with the keyboard (around .5-.7 sec between the time i press the key and the character move)

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Actually the issue is unknown, or so it is for me at least.

Better telling us your machine specs and PCSX2 configuration, specially important in this case being the speedhacks page, the controller plugin general page and Pad1.

Including the log may help to pinpoint the problem also.

That's because maybe, only maybe, the machine is slow and speedhacks are being abused or a simple, plain wrong plugin config. If using the Windows message queue, the response time should be the same you get on other applications.

Edit: I'm sorry, once again I started answering without verifying the forum (I came to here from new posts page). My knowledge about Mac is none, better leaving the help for knowledgeable people in this case. Still, possibly the information asked above will help anyway, except where I presuppose Lilypad, if is not the plugin used in there.
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