Won't let me load cheats from Code breaker??
I'm using 0.9.7 and I'm playing digital devil saga 2, Also using Linuz plugin for cd thing.

I start Code breaker, select the cheats, and it says insert game, so I switch the linuz default to Digital devil saga 2, and then press X "ok", it loads the game but none of the cheats! What do I have to do? Under system I even checked the enable cheats box, but still doesn't work.

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I've only tried cb v10, I haven't tried ver8 or higher then v10.

You probably need to ensure that the mem card has some empty space on it, not sure.
Otherwise it should work.
You don't need the emu's cheats enabled to use the codebreaker.

It might help to try only a few codes a few at a time, like the master code and say inf life or something that's easy to check.

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Something is rumbling in my head, it's about the hotswap disc being functional or not in some builds (maybe that does not matter if codebreaker itself can control the plugin). I'd love I could experiment it myself, maybe it's good idea getting the codebreaker but I'm not sure where I can buy a copy or if really want it ever.
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It works here this way(CB v9.2)
1.Select Linuz ISO as my CDVD plugin.
3.System=>Run ELF
4.Choose my codebreaker elf(you don't need to switch disks,just copy the codebreaker elf from the disk to your pc)and choose the game.
5.From the codebreaker settings disable Auto Eject
6.Choose your cheats and start the game.

It's the same with Gigahertz
Or u can do it this way aswell vsub:

this is the way how I managed to get it to work. Since I don't have the disc myself and only a copy image. I loaded it into PCSX with the Image Plugin, start it up, select the game and which cheats. Press Start to go back into the main menu of codebreaker. Before u press start, put another image or disc into it (If u have a physical disc, make sure to put it into suspend and choose the other plugin which loads discs. Then press Resume and press start game) Though if u have another image of codebreaker, load that image. PCSX2 asks do u want to load the image directly or load the image and reboot the emulator, choose the first and then press start game. And it should work.
an even easier way is just switching isos around. ive been doing that with no ill effects. just go to cd/dvd then load cb. choose your cheats and get to the point of inserting the disc. go back to cd/dvd and choose the iso of the game then press start and away you go.
I'll try out WonderingSouls idea. The others seem confusing.
Alright, no matter which way I try this thing, it just doesn't work. What's goin on?

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