Wondering what configuration would be best for my hardware
Hey, hello everyone, i'm new here

I've recently bought a new lap, so I'm wondering what's the best combination of plugins-config for my machine.

My specs

Core 2 Duo T6670 2.2Ghz
4 GB RAM (only 3GB usable)
Nvidia GeForce 9600M GS 512MB (though is using RAM for more power actually at 1789)
I'm running win 7 32-bit (Compatibility Problems with some software with 64bit so I'm still sticking a lil bit to 32 bit in windows at least, got debian dual boot running on 64 and I only use windows to play anyways :P)

So far i've been able to run FFX (of course I own a PS2 and an original copy of FFX :P) with some minor slowdowns most of the time it runs at 60fps (with fps limit) but the sound is one of the things i've been battling , none seems to work just enough good (I know it's emulation so i'm not expecting flawlessness :P) but with SPU2 the game overall seems to slow down, and does not seems to keep up in many parts of the gam, P.E.Op.S. works somewhat fine (it's the one with best timing) but some sounds are missing, and some tracks seems to cut and repeat at random points, and with ZeroSPU2 there is a lot of suttering(not sure if i'm typing this right sorry for my english, i'm from Mexico).

I'm open to proposals, also in graphics configuration i'm trying to get it to work as smoothly as possible, prefering speed over beauty.

Thanks in advance for your responses.

P.S. once again sorry for my english :P.

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Revert to SPU2-X, and just enable a few speedhacks. (Just enough to get the game to 60fps most of the time)

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