Working great, then not?
Hey there, I just recently got PCSX2 up and running with Final Fantasy XII. It was running relatively alright (between 40 and 60 FPS during gameplay), with relatively okay sounding audio (which I tried to fix because it sounded off, but to no avail).

I was using my keyboard, but just spent an hour setting up a dualshock3. However, during the time I was setting up the dualshock, while I was testing it/trying to get it to work and what not, the games now running with highly distorted sound, very slow load times, and between 5 and 10 FPS.

I'm running Intel Core DUO CPU P8400, @ 2.26 GHz (2 CPU) with a Nvidia Geforce 9600M GS, and 3 gigs of ram. I'm operating on Windows Vista basic.

My plugin configurations are all at default. When I first ran the game smoothly, I believe they were at default as well.

Any help would be appreciated; I'm somewhat tech savvy in terms of being able to get the emulator and the dualshock up and running, but past that am fairly incompetent Tongue

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Your laptop probably ovearheat and clocked down your CPU/GPU to prevent damage. Use coretemp and GPU-Z to monitor your temperatures to make sure this is not the case. You might need to set your PC to the maximum performance power scheme and disable power saving features like speedstep
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