Would it be possible that someday PCSX2 emulates PS2&PS1 games like dolphin wii&GC
It would be really nice if it was able to do that, most PS1 emulators are jank as hell to either setup, or just in the results they give.

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pcsx2 is able to emulate PS1, but not as well as dedicated pS1 emulators (most of them are quite easy to use and emulate most games very well, i wonder where you got problems ???)
comparing it to dolphin is a complete nonsense, though.
because WII and GC are basically the same hardware and architecture.
A Wii is nothing more than an overclocked GC. that's why Dolphin can emulate both (and why wii retrocompatibility was so good)
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Interesting point to remember is that Dolphin started in order, and PCSX2 is going backwards. Dolphin started as a Gamecube emulator, and when the Wii released, they basically bolted Wii support on top of it. PCSX2 started strictly as a PS2 emulator and did not pay any attention to PS1 compatibility. The reason it works as well as it does now is because a number of components in the PS2 were literal copies of those in the PS1, however there are a number of finer details that were completely ignored or worked around in order to make PS2 emulation better, that now are causing a number of problems.

In short, it was a natural progression for Dolphin, but is a backwards puzzle for PCSX2.

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