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I have been gifted a Dell 390 OptiPlex because it cannot stay connected to any network for any length of time.  I had disabled the onboard NIC and installed a nice brand new one in the PCI slot, but it's still very flakey and cannot maintain a network connection for any length of time.

It's an i3 2100, 3.1ghz with 4 gigs of RAM.  Now I've seen the site recommends at least a i3 / 3.2 but for the price, I'm ok with just falling short.

I have also ordered off of an online auction site a half height DirectX 10 video card with 256megs of RAM.  They had cards with more memory but I didn't want to spend a whole lot on this build.  For the little I've used PCSX2 on this rig, since I might not have the horsepower to play PS2, I thought I'd go somewhat cheap because even a bad graphics card is still better than the onboard video I'm currently using.

With all of that out of the way, allow me to ask the same tired old questions because I've searched the message bases to an extent, and maybe if I can ask them all in the same post, others won't have to ask them over and over, and search the entire board.

1)  Does PCSX2 create a different memory card for each game?  If not, will it ever?

2)  When a local video store around me went out of business, I was able to buy their entire PS1 / PS2 
     rental games.  I've started to make ISOs of the PS2 games, and used ( as recommended on the site )
     pigz to GZip the images.  Is there a stand alone program ( or command line switches PCSX2 uses )
     which will create the index file then go onto the next image?  If it could run right after I GZip the image,
     that would make my OCD very happy.

3)  The system I have has a Windows 7 COA on it, but was upgraded to Windows 10 back when it was a free
      upgrade.  Since this machine is only really good for a gaming system now since it can't stay connected
      to the internet for any length of time, which OS would be better?  7 or 10??  It's a 64bit processor, but
      I have the 64 Windows 10, and both the 32 and 64 bit versions of Windows 7 for Dell computers.

That's about it.  Separate memory cards based on games, if there's a way to generate the GZip index files outside of the main program, and which OS would be better, 32 or 64bit Windows 7 or 10.

Thanks much!

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1) I think Folder memory cards do something like that. I've never used it though.

2) No idea. I just let PCSX2 handle that when I first boot a game in Gzip format. Doesn't seem like a major issue.

3) I'd stay on Windows 7 for now. There are many downsides when using Windows 10 that affect gaming.
Honestly, I'm almost 100% positive that the onboard graphics will be more powerful than that GPU you ordered, if you still could I would cancel the order. 256MB of VRAM (am I reading this correctly? Tongue) will not cut it for PCSX2 by any means. A DX10 card also means you'll probably have to use the DX9 renderer, which isn't being worked on in GSdx anymore.

I checked online and it appears that the Optiplex 390 does indeed have 1 PCie x16 slot. A older card I would recommend is a GTX 750 which can be bought for $90 on Amazon with its' current age and can play most games at 2-3x native at a relatively good speed. That would be a good investment if you could spare the cash Smile

If you want to create a different memory card for each game, the folder memory card allows you to do that. It's technically a single card, but each subfolder is based on the game's serial.

Windows 7 or 10 doesn't really matter, I would just go with 10 if you can to avoid the hassle of upgrading later on - since Win7 is soon to be on EOL (end of life support)
1. Yes if you use Memcard folders (may only be available on git builds, can't remember), that will make a new memorycard for each game.
2. I'm not sure what you mean "create an index file" for what purpose? I also recommend making CSO's from your ISO's, you can use a tool called MaxCSO
3. Neither OS is better to be honest, I think Win10 is generally a little bit lighter on resources, so you may be better off staying there.
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(02-04-2018, 07:03 PM)CK1 Wrote: A DX10 card also means you'll probably have to use the DX9 renderer, which isn't being worked on in GSdx anymore.
That's not true. Most new Direct3D11 improvements and options apply to Direct3D9 as well or get a Direct3D9 port. However, because it has an older feature set, not everything can be ported.
(02-04-2018, 07:10 PM)FlatOut Wrote: That's not true. Most new Direct3D11 improvements and options apply to Direct3D9 as well or get a Direct3D9 port. However, because it has an older feature set, not everything can be ported.

Also doesn't pcsx2 have d3d10 render as well ? If 11 isn't supported then 10 is enabled IIRC.
ehh. yes? i think feature level support check downgrades to 10 automaticly. the shaders compile on this target level too. right?
1.)the memcards "folder" can be use thoughout the builds just "locate the folder" but save states does not.
2.)most cases i use imgburn to create ISO other programs to create other format is acceptable is MDF
3.)i have that similar one on my haswell rig(see SUB-rig siggy)was in win8 legit DVD copy...then upgraded to win8.1 retained prod. key...then upgrd to win10 product key change with very nice product key so many 0000000s....then was upgraded to win10 1607 prod key of win 10 retained....and lastly upgraded to 1709 product key of win10 retained.....i can go back to win8 unless your mobo is the same since you installed win8.

*as for other replies like win7 is still best on pcsx2 and now also best too on rpcs3....either win7 or 10 there are must be in x64
**win 10 has a but problem on pcsx2 like improper changing renderers from d3d to OGL and vice versa during emulation and also change/reboot game the old game imagery is still there instead of black screen.
***i will stick on win 10 because they have "metered connection" because my internet the only i haved is cellular based.(limited data).
****naming the memcards for every game shall do.
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