Would this work
i just got a new pc and was wondering if it will run pcsx2 good..

AMD 3.6 GHz FX-Series Quad-Core FX-4100
NVIDIA GeForce GT 610 1gb
windows 8

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Gt610 is low -mid graphic card but you will be able to play games at native resolution well.
Core i3 9100f 3.6Ghz
nvidia GT 1030
pcsx2 version-1.3.1  

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(08-18-2013, 07:55 AM)Brock lessner Wrote: Gt610 is low -mid graphic card but you will be able to play games at native resolution well.

Yeah i know i plan on upgrading it just dont got the cash atm but thats good news
The 4100 is a bulldozer based AMD chipset, known to have a lot of issues when it comes to single thread performance (the exact performance PCSX2 uses most heavily). The older Phenom 2 chipsets work better on a per-thread basis to give you an idea of just how bad that is.

Luckily it does at least feature a pretty high clockrate that makes up for it somewhat. As mentioned the 610 is positively garbage for gaming... so much so that it'll probably bottleneck you more than the CPU.
[Image: 2748844.png]
That CPU is Zambezi-based Bulldozer. It was known for having less single-threaded performance compared to its Phenom II predecessor. I think you can overclock it higher easily though, which could help make up for some lost performance. If you ever decided to upgrade your CPU later, go with a Vishera-based Bulldozer chip, like the FX-6300 (cheap as hell, great price-performance ratio).

As for the GPU, it's not meant for gaming at all. You could only do native resolution in PCSX2 with it, and even then it'd still bottleneck in some games. Definitely look into upgrading that later to a lower-mid/mid-range card at least.
The OP has the worst of both worlds here.
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hmm ive been looking on amazon and i keep finding the six core fx 6100. is this one good?
k i found one with a fx 6300
1tb drive
AMD Radeon HD 7750
^That one is a lot better than your current setup. It would handle PCSX2 a lot better.
what about this one...sorry for buggin you by the way im kinda noob with pc specs, is this one better then the fx 6300?

3.1 GHz Core i5-3350P
1024 GB SATA
AMD Radeon HD 7470

Im also trying to buy my pc from amazon because i have amazon prime so i get 2 day shipping free lol

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