Wrapper programs can't recognize BT connection for DS4
Hello there everyone.

I recently upgraded from Win7 to Win10 when my problem started. I did a clean install, ever since then, no matter which program I use, they don't recognize my controller via BT. It worked fine in Win7, even now, it works just fine with a USB cable, but as a couch gamer it's kind of a problem and I refuse to downgrade my OS.
The problem is with both DS3 and DS4, but I want my DS4 fixed.

I have a quiet old dongle, but like I said, it worked just fine before, tho... just in-case I borrowed a newer one, sadly I was facing the same issues with that.

I tied to fix it by myself, but had no luck. It pairs just fine too... anyway... I think my problem lies in this (without any programs running and without the USB cable): [Image: QY9TurY.png]

When I plug-in my USB cable another Wireless Controller appears in Devices and Printers and I can change to that in the preferred devices. If I start either of program like that the Xbox 360 one appears and I can set it to that, but the changes won't apply no matter what. 
I have every required software installed apparently, I did another clean install too just in-case something got screwed up... but yeah. I'm here now for a reason, sorry if I opened this in the wrong topic!

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Bump. Reinstalled win7, works just fine, reinstalled again to win10... same problem. Both were clean installs, already tried to contact the devs of the programs I tired, we couldn't figure it out.

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