Wrestle Kingdom 2 NTSC-J : vertical line issue
Hello, Does anyone know which proper custom resolution for fixing vertical line issue when playing Wrestle Kingdom 2 with upscaling?

btw in the software mode and native resolution the game don't have any promblem but it look blurry.

I've tried the set of custom resolution for Namco game
like 1260 x 1260, 1080 x 1920 etc.
but not working. I wonder is there the specific custom resolution for fixing vertical line for this game?

@4x native
[Image: 1371130763_0.61133100.jpg]

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Use only native resolution...
All namco games have this problem.
So u'r best bet is use native with msaa,fxaa or shade boost to look it better Smile
@Preet, this is not namco game. its Yuke's co. Smile


good news! I found custom resolution value that get rid the vertical line
by increasing the value manually up to 1 by 1 from 515(native value)
yea...the was pain but worth to try, LOL
and the highest value I can go are 1008 X 1008 (or 1008 X ....)
this is nearest 2x native of the game.
and with fxaa and custom shader(sweetfx)
the game look better now Smile

thanks! you guys
[Image: 1371141455_0.96514700.jpg]

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