Wrong Graphics Card
Sorry to make my first post a help request, but I'm kinda stuck on this one. I just got a new netbook, the Asus 1215N with an ION graphics card/Integrated graphics combo. When you start up a game, it's supposed to switch the the more powerful ion, but it doesn't seem to be working. When pcsx2 starts up all it sees is the integrated graphics, and that's all it uses. I've tried forcing it to use the ion in the nvidia control panel, and setting the pc into "Super Performance" mode, but to no avail. Anyone know how to make it use the the better gpu, or how to manually select it? Thanks.

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Your laptop only has one GPU, an integrated ION graphics chip. Your problem is that it's not switching to performance mode from low power mode, although that should easily be achieved by setting the power plan to maximum performance.
That said, you will get horrible FPS with almost all games with PCSX2 on that system Tongue
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Thanks for the reply. I did try setting it into high performance mode, and setting pcsx2 to use high performance mode in the control panel, but it stuck with the integrated. The reason I say it's using the wrong graphics card, is because it actually comes up with the name of the cruddy integrated graphics in the pcsx2 console, and under device manager, it's listed as 2 separate devices. I'll attach some pics. As for performance: I'm not really expecting much anyways, but I at least want to see it at full power Biggrin

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imho your netbook has this new "optimus" technology from nvidia


right click your pcsx2-shortcut and select "run with" or something like that. there you can choose the gpu you wanna run pcsx2 with.

you can also set the selection permanently in nvidia control panel

edit: afair you have to activate this "run with" option first in the nvidia control panal. its somewhere in the control panels menu bar (??)
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Thanks Cyphox, that did it! Got Star Ocean running at 20+ FPS solid without speed hacks! Almost playable Biggrin
I actually might be able to get some simpler games running, especially if I overclock a little. Thanks again!
Oh never heard of that trick, learned something new today then Tongue OCing a netbook is a really bad idea though...I'm really surprised you get that high FPS on that rig, shows how much PCSX2 has improved over the years Smile
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(09-29-2010, 03:53 PM)Bositman Wrote: Shows how much PCSX2 has improved over the years Smile

I might have to see how FFX runs on a single core of my PC now Tongue it used to be like 5-10 fps on my old pc, back in the 0.9.2 days

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