X-Axis of Right Analog Stick issues

I recently updated to the latest nightly build of the emulator, and now I can't seem to be able to set the x-axis of the right analog stick anymore. I have no issues setting everything else, as they all detect perfectly fine. Even the left analog stick's x and y axis configured without issue. For the right one it only seems to detect the Y-axis as I can set up and down for it just fine, but when trying to do left and right - Nope.

Checked in other emulators I use (eg RPCS3) to ensure that it was still working in those in case it was a controller issue, but nope still working perfectly fine there. And checked in Windows to ensure that it was detecting the controller and all the inputs and it's fine there too. So definitely a pcsx2 issue.

Any suggestions for things I could try?

I use a usb adapter to allow use of my original ps2 controller with the emulator. Even tried unplugging the adapter and then plugging back in, as well restarting my computer without luck.
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