X-files resist or serve strange bug
Here is what i get with latest svn and 4868 both with normal Gsdx or the latest shadeboost plug in. And the game freeze in the main menu if i don't quickly start the game and spend time to try to change some options...

[Image: pym0Z.jpg]

[Image: 5gvbZ.jpg]

[Image: 77329.jpg]

[Image: ge6h8.jpg]

Both 8 bit texture and EE timing hack are enabled. 8 bit texture is enabled otherwise the game slowdows..

Is supposed to be in this way ? UnsureUnsure

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Quote:or the latest shadeboost plug in
I presume that is some kind of hacked plugin, for which we will not give support here. Download the SVN pack from our website which also contains all the latest plugins from here: http://pcsx2.net/svn.php
Use default settings (no speed hacks) and try agian
[Image: newsig.jpg]
ok that's is really strange...the latest svn with the hacked plug in or the official 4972 gsdx the game works perfectly. With the svn r4868 with latest 4972 gsdx or hacked plug in have that problem...Anyways now i can play the game thanks...^^

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