X11 or XQuartz?
Am trying to get this emulator running and am having a few problems.
I have installed the necessary, application, framework packages, bios folder and XQuartz. I already have x11 2.3.6 and it is this that pcsx2 insists on using to run, rather than the more up-to-date XQuartz version.
Problems I am having are:
- Pcsx2 keeps needing to be reconnected to bios after launch. I have put the files in username>pcsx2>bios.
- Only the 'x' button works when I load up an ISO, nothing else on the keyboard responds.
- There is no sound.

Is there a way to force pcsx2 to use XQuartz?
I am running on a MacBook Pro 8,1 (2.7GHz i7) OSX 10.6.8

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to use xquartz, start zquartz first THEN start pcsx2, then the program will open up xquartz instead of x11 any other time you start the program. in other words, it uses the last X-whatever that was opened and executed on the comp.
That hasn't worked, it still launches the X11 app.
I checked the ISO against the compatibility list and it's listed as 'ingame' so not sure that'll even work.
perhaps delete/uninstall x11, and just use xquartz that way. make sure your controller plugin is configured and working before loading any iso or disc. also the sound might not work if you have it muted in the plugin config and/or have the spnull or soundnull sound plugin highlighted rather than the zerospu or zerog sound plugin.
I woudn't delete X11, that came with your computer software and might be needed for something.

In your utilities folder in the applications, do you see an X11 and an Xquartz? For me, when I open PCSX2, the PCSX2 icon and the XQuartz icon opens in the dock, but the program will say X11 in the top left of your window. A bash window will open, and the PCSX2 app should open within X11. That's what happens for me.

And like qwell said, use the ZeroSPU2 playground 0.4.6 plugin and uncheck all the config boxes, then for the controller update your plugin to onepad if you haven't already (from the downloads page).

Not sure what to do to fix your bios, mine are just in a folder within a folder within a folder in my documents.
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