X360-pad input happening when it shouldnt
- PCSX2 R5366
- Lilypad 0.11.0 r5258
- Xbox 360 wired controller connected to PC-USB-Port
- Windows 7 64-bit

Hi everyone,

when playing Tekken 5 PAL, the menues are way too sensitive to controller-input (especially the stage-selection-screen. Stages sometimes get switched constantly without me giving any input). There don't seem to be any strange inputs during the actual fighting.

Help appreciated. Liliypad-config attached to post.

On a side-note: I assigned the PS2-D-Pad and the left-PS2-stick to the left 360-stick.

Have a nice day

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Well if you assigned both dpad and analog to one thing, if both work same way in game menus, then you have double the effect which probably can cause such strange behaviour, try setting it properly;].
Doesn't make a difference. I removed the left PS2-stick and things are still the same.
Use the sticks as sticks, and the dpad as dpad for better results (and mod the dpad while at it). If you wanna use the stick as digital, try adding lots of deadzone to avoid the little movements of the stick triggering input.
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