XBOX Jade Empire Widescreen patch?
I would like to play JE in widescreen if possible, I looked through all of the patches and did not find it, even though its a very popular game, I requested a patch from the user who did all/most of the other XBOX patches nemesis2000 (please correct me if I am wrong) but have not yet had a reply. Then I found a post on how its done so thought Id try it myself.

I saw that certain hex values were more common than others (ABAAAA3F or BE9FAA3F), looked up what they were, and they were equal to float 1.33333 or thereabouts. Downloaded Hex Workshop and tried to find those two in the JE "default.XBE", both were found, not knowing any better, I replaced the first one with 398EE33F (1.7777), tried it out, nothing changed, then tried the other, again one match found, replaced, tested with no difference.

Hmmm... Not sure what is going on, thinking to myself, if it was that simple others would have done it by now since KOTOR and JE and two of the most popular games!

Not giving up, I thought I should try and find out more about how those numbers are used under the covers, so installed IDA Pro and opened the .XBE, I found the places where those numbers are used however the code is almost impossible to understand, too much going on.... Here is a single usage, in ASM and disassembled C like code:


I am kind of stuck here, and hoping someone here much more knowledgeable than me could point me in the right direction. Thank you for reading!

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