XInput Wrapper for DS3 and USB Dual DS2 Controller
@KrossX - The DS2 support in the wrapper is specifically for the USB adapter, it doesn't support native mode (pressure sensitive buttons) unfortunately.

Main goal of the wrapper and filter is to provide XInput support for these pads so they can be used in games which require it. Side benefit of the filter is it also allows use of DInput for DS3, and provides an alternative to MotionInJoy/Libusb.

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Hmm, any idea why the DS3 I lent would constantly connect/disconnect?
This is all I'm seeing in the SCPUser test app.
The modified Lilypad sees a DS3 in native mode but doesn't see any input from it.
@rama - is the filter driver properly installed? Should see this in device manager & devices and printers -

Also if your DS3 is paired to a PS3 (has been connected and used on a PS3), turn off your PS3, unplug the DS3 from usb cable, wait till lights go off, then replug the usb cable.
It'll be a while before I can get to the PS3 it may be paired to :/
I actually missed the driver install step before ( Tongue2 ) but after fixing that I still get the same behavior.
@rama - if the PS3 (or Bluetooth adapter) it is paired to is out of range it shouldn't matter. After installing the Filter, try just pulling out the USB cable, LEDs should start flashing, wait till they turn off, then plug the USB cable back in.

When power is disconnected from the DS3 it tries to enable a Bluetooth connection to whatever it's paired with. This occurs when the Filter is installed, and can lead to the DS3 ignoring the Start command from the Filter.

When the LEDs stop flashing and go out, the DS3 has given up trying to connect via Bluetooth and entered sleep mode.

What OS are you using?

You also might want to clear out any non-present devices if you have used MotionInJoy. Good practise to keep as clean as possible anyway.

Procedure -
1. Add the following Environment Variable
2. Open Device Manager : Select View -> Show Hidden Devices
3. Browse to Human Interface Devices : delete/uninstall all the greyed out entries.
Had to return the pad for a while :/
Posted new version

- Added a Filter Driver Installer.
- Includes all binaries & source in single package.
- Minor fix for Speedlink Strike FX detection.
- Changed layout of package.

Filter Driver Installer - Driver files are contained within the installer and will be extracted when you run the installer. (SCPInstaller). [Screenshots attached for an Install & Uninstall on XP, Vista, Win7, Win8]

Requires .Net 4.0 & VC 2010 Runtimes preinstalled.

1. Uninstall MotionInJoy if you have it installed.
2. Unplug DS3(s)
3. Clear out old instances from Device Manager (see Post #25)
4. Plug in your DS3(s)
5. After your DS3(s) has had the default Microsoft drivers installed, run SCPInstaller.exe [Run As Administrator]
6. Click Install.
7. If you change the port the USB cable is attached to you will need to rerun the installer.
8. If you want XInput for your DS3 in PCSX2 - drop the XInput1_3.dll from bin\Win32 into your PCSX2 directory.
9. If you want Native input for your DS3 in PCSX2 - drop the LilyPad-SCP-5350.dll from bin\Win32 into your PCSX2\plugins directory.
10. Configure PCSX2 as required.

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Nice Smile So can you also get button sensitivity with this?
[Image: newsig.jpg]
@Bositman - yeah, you get Button sensitivity if you install the SCP Filter Driver and use the attached LilyPad-SCP plugin.

Changes to LilyPad were essentially to remove the libusb-win32 functionality which the Filter Driver now provides at a lower level. LilyPad uses HID reports to implement button sensitivity in native mode, the libusb-win32 interface was only used to send a start command to a DS3.

The Speedlink Strike FX pad is also button sensitivity capable, I'm looking into how to implement this in Lilypad (or write a new input api as KrossX suggested).
New version posted, see first post.

Added pressure sensitive button api, see Source\SCPUser\SCPExtensions.h & Source\SCPUser\SCPExtensions.cpp for interface, Source\SCPUser\SCPExtended.h for sample implementation.

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