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XInput Wrapper for DS3 and USB Dual DS2 Controller
After downloading and try unzipping it shows archive is either in unknown format or damaged.. . Help

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I use latest version of SCP Driver Package with genuine SIXAXIS controller. Almost everything is working properly, but I feel that triggers (L2 and R2) and analog sticks are not 100% sensitive. I mean its' "working range" are about ~80%. Rest 20% are just deadzone. For example R2 @ 80% has the same force like @ 100 %.

It's not the games fault, because I checked it in Windows Controllers menegament.

Is there any settings or fix to this?

Thanks in advance.

Hi everyone
please help, im using the panhai dll on version, the controller connect and the vibration works, but in game controller properties nothing works, also my controller is original but it's detected as fake.

![desktop 01 20 2017 - 22 30 43 01]

Is there fix for non original controllers which doesn't work via bluetooth. I have one original and one fake ps3 controllers, original works fine with BT 2.0 and BT 4.0, vibrate well. Fake controller doesn't work vibration and it does not connect to bluetooth, no matter BT 2.0 or BT 4.0, last logs says "L2CAP_Connection_Request [02] PSM [01]". Search on forum says that need to change ScpControl\BthDevice.cs::L2CAP_Worker_Thread() but there is haven't these lines, but they have in file BthDongle.cs, after change lines there is no affect, non original controller not working via bluetooth...

Maybe there is solve for this problem?

Thanks for your attention.
(11-28-2016, 11:26 PM)crookedstep Wrote: Hopefully I'm not the only one, was it a recent Windows 10 update that caused DS3s to constantly vibrate when connected? Or was it a SCP update?

There is no way to stop the vibration. As long as it is plugged in, regardless of whether it is being "used" or not, the controller vibrates constantly as if it was an electric toothbrush

first post btw.

Just turn off the vibration in the game that you are playing and it will work . I searched a lot for another solution but it seems that there is not !

Islam = Peace
Hi guys,

So I am able to install SCP, but when i try to run an emulator it doesn't recognize the controller when I want to configure the game pad, there is no Xbox option only keyboard. SCP user and monitor show that its working, however despite running windows 7 I had to check force install for it to successfully install.

Here is the install log There is a phantom device info in there, not sure if that's the reason why.
I currently use this without issue with my DS3, both wired and wirelessly. Will an original DS4 work seamlessly, or do I always need to follow the instructions posted here?
Good afternoon guys! I have a copy of the PS3 gamepad - Defender Game Expert BT1. All connected and through cable and via Bluetooth. But there is a problem of response time when you press the keys, please help me
anyone can tell me how I can make the new xinput pick up my ps3 controller in Depth? (its this steam game with sharks) I'm not sure but maybe if I could get my controller to show up here it might pick it up but it seems my controller auto connects somehow and gives me this whenever I try to open scp server exe's
Good afternoon! I have a problem - there is no vibration when connected via Bluetooth. What should I do? help me please

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