XInput Wrapper for DS3 and USB Dual DS2 Controller
(03-11-2014, 04:52 PM)xpdite Wrote: Quoting my own post from several pages back. Can anyone help?

A couple things to try, first make sure to apply the .139 update, then run ScpMonitor and right-click the little icon in the taskbar and select Configure, and check the box for Disable SSP.

good luck & best regards,
- dink

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(03-11-2014, 02:59 PM)dink Wrote: my bad, I misunderstood, sorry about that.

If mapping of triggers is active, the triggers get mapped to the button positions of L3 and R3 - and - L3 and R3 become disabled. This is due to only 10 button positions being available. I found a [it might]work-around for it though if you want to map the triggers AND use L3/R3: Keep map triggers unchecked, and Using the program JoytoKey (v3.7.9 or lower is freeware!), map Axis3(<0) to Z and Axis3(>0) to X, so now L2 will push the X key and R2 will push the Z key - then map them in your game, or use other keys in JoytoKey that your game needs, and L3 / R3 will show up as buttons #9 and 10.

p.s. I also use JoytoKey to map both the dpad & left thumbstick to number keys 7698 (up/down/left/right), so I can use either stick or pad in emulators and I don't have to configure them separately, its a handy tool Smile

edit: JoytoKey 3.7.9 and a quick tutorial on how to get it going is available here,
and I almost forgot: Under Preferences tab, make sure Use axes other than X and Y are checked, and Use POV switches is also checked.

best regards,
- dink

Thanks for the exhaustive answer Smile
I already used JoyToKey, its my main application used for DS3. I used it to control my PC and have configured several button combinations.
When the "Map Triggers" is disabled I cannot use L2 and R2 simultaneously and this is my main shortcut, so I prefer don't have L3 and R3 Smile
Maybe some further version of this driver give some solution to this.

thanks again
dink datelinand 1394559963' Wrote: A couple things to try, first make sure to apply the .139 update, then run ScpMonitor and right-click the little icon in the taskbar and select Configure, and check the box for Disable SSP.

good luck & best regards,
- dink

I just followed your instructions and I finally got it to connect with bluetooth. Thanks for the help! Just wondering though, what is SSP and why did I need to disable it?
Hi I'm having hard time to connect my DS3 controller in PC via USB. When I plug my controller it only blink slow, all 4 nodes are blinking. When I press PS button before plugging in 4 nodes are blinking fast. When I check my device and printer settings in control panel it only detect the device as unrecognized USB PS3 Controller. Sometimes, I do some experiment and combination plug-press-unplugged then suddenly it works but I don't have a solid method to make it complete functional at anytime.

I bought my PS3 controller and Power Cable for PS3 controller at local toy store in our country and I believe they are originals Smile Anyone here can give me clear solution for this. T.I.A
Update Details for

Updated to use Visual Studio 2013 - VC 2013 Runtimes now required.

Added auto-pairing for DS4 via USB.
Added Re-Pair option for existing DS4 users. [Required to reset the Link Key used by the DS4]
Added custom Button/Axis mapping support.
Added ScpProxy class for developers wishing to use the Native Feed.
Added Instance support to BusDevice so that ScpVBus can be shared with other applications.
Optimised out memory allocations in critical path.
Changed SSP default to be disabled. [No longer required]

Added model to the Pad status display.
Added Reset Positions item to tray menu.
Added Profile Manager item to tray menu.
Added Profile Manager form.
Added reference to ScpControl.dll to use the ScpProxy class.
Removed Map Triggers from Configuration options. [Implemented as a supplied custom profile]

Added developer support for redistributing components [via ScpDriver.xml].

Removed from Solution - no longer required.

Updated to use the PCSX2 r5875 sources.

XInput1_3 & ScpUser
Removed all MFC references from the sources. [Buildable with Visual Studio 2013 Express for Desktop + DirectX SDK]

Profile Manager

See Screenshot 1 below.

Profiles included
1. Default [No Mappings]
2. Fast Triggers [L2 & R2 give full scale deflection with any input].
3. LR Swap [L1/L2/L3 <-> R1/R2/R3].
4. Map Triggers [L2/R2 <-> L3/R3].
5. TB Swap [L1 <-> L2, R1 <-> R2].

To Activate a Profile - select the Profile you wish to use from the Drop List, press the Activate button.

[+] Button - Create a new profile.
[-] Button - Delete the currently selected Profile.
[?] Button - View the mappings of the currently selected Profile.
[>] Button - Edit the mappings of the currently selected Profile.

*Note - the Default Profile can not be Edited or Deleted.

Testing a profile - the Profile Manager uses the ScpProxy Native Feed capabilities to display Button/Axis changes on the selected Pad. These are automatically Remapped using the currently selected Profile.

Profiles may be associated Globally, to a specific Pad or to a specific MAC address. Selection criteria MAC > Pad > Global.
[Use case : playing a multi-player game, Player 1 prefers LR Swap, Player 2 prefers TB swap mapping].

You can create as many new Profiles as you require and activate them as and when needed.

DS4 Users

If you have previously Paired your DS4 to your Dongle you will need to Re-pair to update the Link Key.
1. Shutdown your DS4.
2. Enable the DS4 Repair option. [Start ScpMonitor, right-click on it's icon in the TaskBar, select Configuration, check the DS4 Repair option, click OK.]
3. Plug your DS4 in USB.
4. Wait a few seconds.
5. Unplug and connect via Bluetooth.
6. Disable the DS4 Repair option.

*Note: You can now use your DS4 with a BTH 2.0+EDR Dongle. [my CSR USB\VID_0A12&PID_0001&REV_1958 works without issue].

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(03-10-2014, 05:58 AM)Young Napoleon Wrote: Just throwing this back up as I can't seem to get it resolved. I've been too worried to try Deadpool again, but it happens often enough in PCSX2... I don't know if it's dependent on game. Definitely happened in THPS3, THPS4, SSX Tricky... It NEVER happens in Awesomenauts, & I've clocked in many hours the past two weeks... all pretty odd.

It sounds like your USB subsystem is getting overloaded when your getting issues. DS3s can draw a lot of power when charging & rumbling. At a guess Awesomenauts doesn't use Rumble?

If you have multiple DSs - make sure they are not all connected to USB Ports on the same USB hub / Root hub. Personally I use an external powered USB 3.0 Hub which is capable of supplying 500 mA individually to each port.

@kirhidemi: it sounds like your USB cable is faulty (or power only - not data).
(02-28-2014, 05:21 PM)Gimbulate Wrote: First off: thank you for these drivers; when I had them working they were flawless and way better than anything I had tried before.

I have recently re-installed Windows 7 and have gone to set up these drivers so I can play PCSX2 again. I am using all the same hardware that worked for me before, but now when I install the SCP drivers my Bluetooth icon disappears from my system tray and when I go into the settings it will not allow me to turn discovery on (which is what I imagine the issue of not being able to use my PS3 controller wirelessly is). I can check the box but it will not save, throwing an error message saying that the device might be unplugged. If I uninstall the SCP drivers then it works fine.

(Also: I am unsure this is related but on previous attempts to resolve this issue I could not even open the Bluetooth settings with SCP drivers installed; I would click on it and nothing would happen).

Thank you for any advice given Smile.

Hey Scarlet,

Have you any idea about this?
(03-13-2014, 01:38 PM)Gimbulate Wrote: Hey Scarlet,

Have you any idea about this?

Your Dongle should not be visible as a Windows BTH Device after installing the drivers. It is likely that your Dongle is having issues with SSP. Update to, SSP is no longer required / used.
(03-10-2014, 12:45 PM)DonRobo Wrote: Works great for me, but is it possible to have more than 4 controllers connected? The monitor utility is only showing 4 "slots" and more controllers didn't work, but both the Ouya and the PS3 support more than 4 controllers. So I wonder if it's just an oversight and adding support for 5+ controllers is easy or if there is actually some kind of hard limitation for 4 xinput controllers on Windows or something like that?

XInput has a limit of 4 controllers - that's all it was designed to handle.
SCPUser.exe is detected as a malaware by avast. Probabily is a false positive, but i want just tell that to everyone Wink

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