XInput less input on lower diagonal analog movements
Hello all!

I have a problem with PCSX2 (and other emulators)- but not regular games- when I use an Xbox 360, DS3 or DS4 (with xinput wrapper). The left analog stick (not tested the right, but I imagine it's the same), when moved into a diagonal position on the lower areas, it is as if I pushed the analog stick only halfway. It's hard to explain. If this isn't clear enough, please say and I'll try and explain better.


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You can fix it on PCSX2 using these settings:
[Image: newsig.jpg]
Thanks muchly!
Sorry to bump this with a PCSX2-irrelevant question, but I have the problem with EPSXE too, and I can't seem to up the sensitivity on it. Is there any way to?
i think you can set it in the windows joystick settings...
There is some kind of calibration tool where you are asked to move the joystick to one extreme and then make one turn. If you don't go to the extreme but only half the way it might work. You probably need some attempts.

I have not tried this for one of the mentioned controllers or epsxe but for a different joystick and game and it worked and should be input/software-independent.

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