Hey guys I'm trying to build an arcade machine with pcsx2 and had a question how if its possible do i configure the pcsx2 shut down button from esc to something else?

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Some buttons are hardcoded into the emulator and cannot be changed. You should do a search or read the guide which buttons you can change Smile
As far as I remember that wasn't in the guide as it's SVN-version only, but check r4917 which should describe what you need to do and r4918 which is basically a fix that the first one can also use normal keys.
You'll basically want to create a file called "PCSX2_keys.ini" and put inside Sys_Suspend= followed by the keys you wish to use(keyboard only through), details above.
Sweet that work one question though using that is there away to completely exit out of pcsx2?
Alt + F4? Smile
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*mashing them like crazy

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Well answering the OP - LilyPad plugin has a hack to forcefully exit pcsx2 when window is closed, you can try that.

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