Xbox 360 controller
Hello i brought an xbox 360 usb controller to use with the emulator having trouble binding the triggers as a button i.e i want them as l2 r2.
Using lilypad for the controller plugin tested buttons they both work any help would be great cheers.

seems i'm an idiot there is an option in lilypad to enable axis keys as buttons so i fixed it sorry for making a useless thread

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there is also a plugin called XPad that automatically configures xbox360 joypad.
Actually, you want to use LilyPad's "L2/R2 axis" button. Microsoft's Xbox 360 DirectInput driver treats both buttons as a single axis. If they were treated as two different axes, you'd bind them individually via the method you mention.

Alternatively, as mewster said, you can use Gabest's XPad plugin, which you can find attached to the GSDX thread in the old plugin forums.
Ended up using xpad but the l2/r2 axis option did work too thanks for the help guys.
Could you edit this thread title to: "xbox360 controller"?

I get always confused with actual console =)
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