Xbox 360 controller detected but cannot map buttons
Hi all. I've just installed pcsx2 on Ubuntu Linux as of today. I've got an xbox360 controlled connected to my machine via bluetooth. I'm using xboxdrv and play games regularly on Steam and other emulators (snes9x, DeSmuME) w/o issue. The log on pcsx2 says "PAD: controller (Xbox 360 Controller) detected with rumble support, GUID:050000005e0400008e02000030110000" and when I go to Config -> Gamepad settings -> Gamepad Configuration, toggling 'enable rumble' rumbles the controller. Great.


When I click any of the buttons in Config -> Gamepad settings, the box activates as it awaits input, but pressing anyyyy button on the controller does NOT map. If I click w/ the mouse it maps, but nothing on the controller, which it detects, works.  Unsure

Any suggestions? Thank you so much. Smile

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