Xbox 360 on PCSX2 Problem
For some reason, after i started using my wired xbox 360 controller with my PCSX2, in some scenes on FFX my fps started to drop to the 30s and it's only after i started using my wired 360 controller. It can't be my laptop, cause its a brand new alienware m17x r3 fully upgraded, so that cant be the problem. Does anyone have a solution for this?

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Yeah, I'm guessin' it isn't the controller... I mean, do you not have the problem in the same scene, with the same settings when you unplug the controller? Does the problem then return if you plug the controller back in?

Could you post your system specs, please?
Try using keyboard instead of the controller and see if it's actually Tongue2

Since it's a laptop I'd recommend you set your windows power profile to high performance and disable any kind of power saving options.
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yeah, ill try it without a controller this time and see if it freezes.

edit: its not just scenes, its actual gameplay too.
well right now im fighting sin with a controller, and my fps has dropped down tremendously. ill play it without a controller and see what happens. and after that ill post my laptop specs.

edit: played with my keyboard, loaded up my save and my fps dropped. when i did it with a controller, my fps was fine until i reached Sin's fin. So I guess its a random, im not sure why its doing this.
I rebooted my computer, and I was fighting Sin's two fins and there was no problem. I fight the last part of Sin and I summon Shiva and all of a sudden, again, my FPS starts to drop to the 30s and even 20s. I have no idea what's going on :\
Not random then, your laptop is throttling speed just not at the same spot.

What do the EE/GS% numbers in the game window say when you get slowdowns?
Please check temperatures and clock speed of your CPU when you get slowdowns with an app like CoreTemp, it may help see what's throttling speed.
Core i5 3570k -- Geforce GTX 670  --  Windows 7 x64
Yea. I even tried loading the game with 0.9.6 and its slow right from the beginning. This is getting weird.
I installed CoreTemp, and here's what I got:

[Image: 91c30f02a0428cd63fc68766cc3f46ea.png]

If there are any problems with that, do you have any tips on fixing this problem?
try set to "high performance" in Control panel--->power options
and try DON'T run in batteries use the AC plug
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I do use the AC plug. My alienware ALWAYS sits on my desk, so an AC plug is always required for me.

edit: i went into power options, went to the graphics option and maximized performance when plugged in. hopefully it will work this time.
Also, is it a factor that im downloading something at the same time? I'm on DSL in my apartment, and im downloading some anime, could that be a factor (silly, silly question xD)

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