Xbox 360 wired controller issues
Huh Hello everyone

I have just bought a wired Xbox 360 controller and I am struggling a bit with the key bindings, I have tested the controller and it seems to work fine in a FPS game through steam as expected.

When in Config>Controller PAD>Plugin settings all of the keys I allocate to a button respond other than 
the D-PAD. 

I am doing this by selecting "enter" on each command and then allocating each command to the appropriate 
button, i.e. Y,B,A and X to Triangle, Circle, Cross and Square. 

I've have seen some threads about deleting Lilipad files and acquiring a xbox.exe file to emulate an Xbox controller but am ensure if this will work and don't won't to keep jostling files around more than I need to.

My specs are: (if needed)

Windows 10 
AMD A 10-5700 APU with Radeon
HD Graphics 3.40 GHz
64 bit OS, x64 based processor

Any help would be appreciated, thank you.

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