Xbox 60 Controller help.
I have a wireless and a non wireless. Relatively im very cheap so I don't want to buy the adapter. How would I get a corded to work with the PCSX2 emulator; Also Would a adapter usb charge cord work for connecting my wireless controller to the pc?

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The wired is plug and play. You plug it, use Lilypad and check 'XInput' and map the keys normally. Not sure if the usb adapter will do it for the wireless
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Alright thanks.
wat is a "Xbox 60 controller" Huh
missing "3"
The charger cord will not let you use the wireless on the pc (but it will let you charge it). You have to buy a special USB wireless receiver (Xbox-Wireless-Gaming-Receiver-Windows-Pc on Amazon), not cheap. The wired controller will work just fine. If you get that wireless receiver it to works great, I have one. Mine is black though and not white like the one amazon shows, and I'm pretty sure they used to be cheaper back a few years ago.

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