Xbox Features on Win10 cause lag on pcsx2?

Dunno if something similar was mentioned, but after the last windows update, all of my games started to lag every few seconds, even with limiter off. HW mode did work nicely though.

Seeing how windows attached the "alt+win+key take screenshot" and such to pcsx2 window, I tried to disable all Xbox processes running, and that removed the lag.

Not sure if it was in fact the Xbox feature but it worked; did anybody have a similar experience?

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I'm sure that was the cause. One of the problems with Windows 10 is the forced updates and forced feature/option toggling without you knowing.

Personally I prefer Windows 7.
Well, it's a feature that can be turned off so no biggie.

It's the "main" updates that can cause issues since they're all part of one package, but luckily, the metered connection "hack" seems to be pretty good for holding the updates off until you see what they do.

That said, I haven't really been having any issues with win10 as a whole, I simply disabled a bunch of stuff I don't need and all is good.

I'm having moretrouble withy Skylake though, my Pc keeps freezing every 5 days or so.
As far as the whole Skylake thing is concerned if I'm not mistaken I think it's something Intel has to fix.

Sorry I'm not really an Intel person though I use AMD so I'm not really sure.
Yeah, Skylake seems to be VERY sensitive to any bad configuration, in my case, it seems to be the RAM since it's not from the verified list, but I've never seen the RAM affect things before much so I thought I could buy some subspecies of the verified RAM. Oh well, people have been able to successfully RMA their CPUs from what I hear so that's an option if all else fails.

Can't wait for Zen, I do like AMD but they're just slightly below where I need them to be atm.

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