I have what I consider a high-end machine, and I can't seem to get XenoSaga to run properly.

I can watch the cinemas with no problem whatsoever, but as soon as the game starts it runs between 28-40 FPS.

I've played around with the graphics plugins, but so far nothing I have tried myself has worked.

Any suggestions, guys?

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pc specs? GPU especially
(08-09-2009, 12:06 AM)Saiki Wrote: pc specs? GPU especially

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.txt   NVIDIA System Information 08-08-2009 18-10-30.txt (Size: 3,58 KB / Downloads: 222)
.txt   NVIDIA System Information 08-08-2009 18-10-36.txt (Size: 3,58 KB / Downloads: 281)
use dx10, no vsync
(08-09-2009, 12:15 AM)Saiki Wrote: use dx10, no vsync

Alright, I'll try that now. I'll post if it works ^^ Thank you.
I used DX10 Hardware, no Vsync and it's doing great. Would software mode be any better?

Also, should I be messing with the shader version at all?
sw might, if you use 4 threads. and no, shader is 4 on DX10, you can't change it
When I change the limit mode to VUSkip, it runs at full speed, but the video doesn't update but every 5 seconds. All other modes are stuttering again.
Thought the problem was solved ><
use limit, enable some MINOR speedhacks to boost speed.
Hrmm... still running at 25 FPS. Is there anything I can do to maybe dumb-down the graphics any? I thought this computer should be running this better than it is. Rund DMC3 with not a problem.
yea, you could

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