Xenosaga 1 not using full cpu
xenosaga's fps is around 35 but windows task manager shows that computer is using about 60% of cpu. later fps drops to 20 but cpu is still shown using 60%. anyone know hot to fix it? or maybe its just showing incorrect data and my 2GHz (x2) processor shoudnt run any faster?

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PCSX2 only uses 2 demanding threads at the moment: One emulates and outputs the graphics and one for the rest. If one thread has to compute less then the other it still has to wait for it; each thread can only utilize 1 core. This means you will get less than 100% CPU usage.

And Xenosaga is a demanding game, with a slow CPU like yours those fps seem ok to me.
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In some demanding parts of the game i got 9-11fps ( after getting vista the same scene gets to 20-25fps), so my advice is get vista or 7 and play it on dx10 mode, that is if you have a nice dx10 supporting graphic card and you pc is not a laptop.
By now that i overclocked my cpu to 3.01Ghz on vista it will probably get almost always close to the limit, have to test it yet.
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well, before I overclocked my E7200 and using the old card 7300gt, most game stressed my cpu to the max.
After I have got my 9800gt, cpu usage drop to 70-80%, speed up alot; and when I overclocked to 3.7ghz, most game still only utilize about 70%, but the game speed up alot more ! (star ocean 3 is a exception, this one ALWAYS got my cpu over 85%)

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